MSI’s Crazy Fast Gaming Laptops

MSI’s Crazy Fast Gaming Laptops

NVIDIA  G-Sync Technology is now going to be available in the latest gaming laptops like the MSI GT80 ,  which will make game play on laptops smoother by syncing the GPU with the refresh rate of your screen. MSI has re-released their line of gaming laptops which if purchased now, include a copy of Batman: Arkham Knight .

The new processors offer increased processing power with longer battery life and better graphics performance, which will be like manna from heaven for many gamers. The laptops will also be outfitted with Killer DoubleShot Pro, which cuts down on network latency by running high-priority traffic (like your game) through the fastest and most stable network. Because even the smallest lag can spell the difference between the gnashed teeth of defeat and the boisterous yell of victory.


Read more about the line of laptops here:Read More…

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  1. Yeah, there’s really not much you can go with. Thanks for sharing.

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