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Why get a desktop when you can get a laptop to take with you wherever you go? Sure your desktop probably plays the latest games, but wouldn’t it be better if you could play Assassins Creed Black Flag while sitting outside of your favorite coffee shop?

Well, maybe portability isn’t a convincing enough reason. Who really wants to burn hard-earned money on an $1200+ gaming laptop?

Yes, it’s true that some laptops can get a tad bit expensive; however, the following list of affordable devices below offers valuable information about the best deal for your gaming lifestyle. While you may be thinking an affordability for gaming is an impossibility, I’m here to show you that there really are gaming laptops that you can get at a great price to fit most budgets.


Best Gaming Laptop Guide

The guide lists approximate prices on  These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more. Ratings are pulled from the average Amazon user ratings to help determine when people are satisfied with their purchases.

Pricing Legend:  $ = $400 to $500 range; $$ = $600 to $700 range; $$$ = $700 to $900 range

PictureLaptopRatingWhat's Inside?Price
Lenovo Y50 B00K6ZIO2K Lenovo Y50 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop4.0- Intel i5 2.8GHz Processor
- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M
Lenovo G505s IdeaPadLenovo IdeaPad G505S Laptop3.8- AMD A10-5750M 2.5 GHz (4 MB Cache)
- 1 TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
B00ISKS4A2 by MSI ComputersMSI CX61 2PC-499US 15.6-Inch Laptop5.0- Intel Core i5-4200M 3.0 GHz
- NVIDIA Geforce GT820M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM
Acer Aspire V3-572G-70TA 15.6-inch Laptop (Platinum Silver)Acer Aspire V3-572G-70TA Laptop (Platinum Silver)4.0- Intel Core i7-4510U 2.0 GHz Processor (4MB Cache)
- NVIDIA GeForce 840M
HP Envy 15-j170us 15.6-Inch Touchsmart Laptop with Beats AudioHP Envy 15-j170us Touchsmart Laptop with Beats Audio4.0- AMD A10-5745M QC 2.5 GHz
- AMD Radeon HD 8650G graphics
HP Envy 15-k020us B00KB3LWPI LaptopHP Envy 15-k020us B00KB3LWPI Laptop4.1- Intel Core i7-4710HQ
- 1024 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
Acer Aspire V5-552P-X617 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop Acer Aspire V5-552P-X617 Laptop 4.0- AMD Quad-Core A10-5757M Accelerated Processor 2.5GHz (up to 3.5GHz)
- AMD Radeon HD 8650G Graphics
MSI GP70 B00IQ4G8U8MSI Computer Corp. GP70 LEOPARD-010 Laptop3.8- Intel Core i5-4200M 3.0 GHz
- NVIDIA Geforce GT840M with 2GB GDDR3 VRAM


Advantages of using Inexpensive Gaming Systems


The top advantage of using more affordable laptop systems is undoubtedly…portability. No matter where you go, these convenient computing devices allow you the opportunity to bring your favorite games along for the ride. If you travel a lot and don’t get many chances to play a game of Call of Duty, then laptops are definitely the best choice to keep up your gaming skills.

In fact, they are less expensive than massive gaming desktops. But, it is important to note that the smaller the budget, the more corners you may have to cut in order to afford a model that will actually run the games you want to play.

For instance, if you want decent game graphics such as those found with the Acer Aspire E1 472G (in the table above), you may have to forego flawless performance. Even this Acer laptop won’t be able to be able to play every game smoothly especially when compared to a more expensive gaming laptop.

Of course, not everyone has the money to purchase super expensive laptops. In that case, the MSI laptop (also featured above) offers high quality components that should run most games very well. The bottom line is when buying a gaming laptop, you get what you pay for. In many cases, the more expensive the laptop, the better the graphics and performance will be.


What’s Important for your Gaming Laptop?



Processor Speed:

The processor is a unit in your computer or laptop that controls the speed and responsive abilities. In gaming, it helps with running the frames per second smoothly. Because of the higher processing speeds, the computer receives information from games and movies more easily. The processor itself is most simply and commonly explained as the brain of the laptop or computer. When it comes to gaming at higher speeds, the Intel i7 4770K, which clocks in at speeds of 3.2 GHz, will run the games and  computer tasks faster than that of a lower processor such as a Intel Celeron N2815, which only clocks in at a speed of 2.13 GHz. When looking for a processor for a gaming laptop, take note of the speed and whether it can be overclocked. Intel offers higher processor speeds, but they are typically much more expensive than their main competitor, AMD, whose processors run at comparable speeds.



Memory or RAM:

Memory or Ram forms a complex part of every computer and laptop. The video below explains more about memory so you understand the mechanics behind why you need RAM inside your gaming laptop. Adding extra RAM aids in faster computing speeds and is essential for gaming laptops particularly when they do not have a higher end processor within the unit. Most techies agree that the minimum amount of RAM necessary for gaming should be at least 6 GB. However, even that number of gigabytes might be too low. For smoother game play, consider bringing up your memory to at least 8 GB or 16 GB RAM.



Graphics Card:

Another important part of every gaming laptop is the graphics or video card. Because of the different uses for graphics cards, you must be careful when shopping for gaming laptops so you choose one that is designed for your intended use. A GPT model is molded onto the motherboard and is not meant to run the heavy graphics processes required by video games. For example, the Intel HD 4000 is a popular cheap GPU added to many basic laptops, but it is not a card meant for gamers. The main reason is that it does not have much VRAM, which stands for video RAM or memory, essentially the same as normal RAM but used by your graphics card.  According to Battlefield 4’s System Requirements at a minimum, you need 512MB of VRAM. If you want to run BF4 on higher settings, you would need at least 2 GB of VRAM stored on the graphics card. Here is a quick video you can watch for a more technical explanation about Graphics Cards.




Portable Computer System Reviews – The Five Best Laptops for Your Budget:


HP Envy Dv6 

HP Envy cheap gaming laptopThe Hp Envy Dv6 is an excellent example of a laptop system capable of handling some of the latest releases in games. It’s powered by an AMD A-8-4500 Quad-Core Processor and Radeon 7640G. You won’t be able to play all games on the highest settings, but most games are playable such as Titanfall and Tomb Raider. For the price range at $650, it is very inexpensive. It comes with 6 GB of RAM but you will improve gaming performance by upgrading to 16 GB with the addition of two 8 GB sticks.  An added bonus for the laptops under $700 price point is the Beats Audio and built-in CD Burner. The HP Envy offers decent battery life with up to 5 hours and 45 mins. The model also includes an automatic cooling fan to keep the processor cool while gaming. If you are looking for an inexpensive gaming laptop, overall, the HP Envy Dv6 7210 is an all-around best pick.



MSI CX61 cheap gaming laptopFor a mid-level price point, MSI is an excellent gaming laptop manufacturer. Some of their models may be somewhat pricey for tight budgets, but for the capabilities these laptops provide, they are well worth the $700 price tag. Packed with the reliable Core i5-4200M Processer (2.5Ghz) and a NVIDIA Geforce GT820M with 2GB of memory, you’ll be able to enjoy most games in the medium to high range on this MSI CX61. The laptop comes with 8 GB of RAM, which can be upgraded to 16 GB. The i5-4200M also includes a 750 GB hard drive to store more of your games, videos and music. When you purchase this laptop, not only do you benefit from its stylish good looks, but it slim design as well. This gaming laptop weighs in at a light 8.1 pounds.


Acer Aspire E1 472G-6844

Acer Aspire cheap gaming laptopThe Acer Aspire E1 472G is a powerhouse for gaming with an Intel Core i5-4200U clocked at 1.6 GHz and a NVIDIA GeForce GT820M notebook graphics card. This affordable laptop will give you excellent graphics and gaming performance without burning a hole in your wallet. At $600, the laptop is an incredible deal. This Aspire does come with 8 GB of memory, which is a great starting RAM for a cheap gaming laptop. However, the only drawback is that it does not have a CD/DVD player. Of course, that won’t stop you from enjoying your favorite video games. You can always download any games you need using the internet with Steam, Origin or Gamestop to name a few. With stylish looks and light weight of 4 pounds, this Acer Aspire is very affordable and should suit many gamer’s needs.


Lenovo Y510p

cheap gaming laptop info LenovoHere is a high-end gaming laptop that will handle a majority of games for most high and some ultra settings. This Lenovo laptop model comes with an i5 processer which clocks in at 2.5 GHz and 6 GB of RAM; however, there is another version that uses an Intel Core i7 and 8 GB of RAM. The laptop uses a standard NVIDIA GeForce Gt 755M 2 GB graphics card with SLI Technology to get higher FPS (frames per second). Basically, this laptop has two graphics card inside it, that’s pretty neat, right? It also comes with all the extra features you’ll find handy such as a backlit keyboard, and HD Webcam and Microphone. Most Lenovo Y510P models start at $900 and up.


Hopefully, you’ve discovered an affordable gaming laptop to take with you on your next trip away from home. Whether you’re visiting a friend or travelling to another state, your gaming laptop should be able to provide you with plenty of activities to keep you from getting bored during road trips.

Just remember that all laptops listed above are able to take extra RAM, if needed. Another thing is to make sure all drivers are updated since this could be essential for gaming on the laptop.


If you are really serious and budget isn’t a problem, well, just get a Razer Blade Pro 17 Inch Gaming Laptop 256GB:


Awesome right?

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