Latest MSI Laptop Real Gaming Workhorse

Latest MSI Laptop Real Gaming Workhorse

Most of you know about MSI’s reputation for graphics cards and motherboards, but you might not be as familiar with their laptops. These gaming beauties really perform, and their latest release of the Prestige Series is no different.

Featuring 15 and 17 inch models, you’ll find these gaming laptops to be real workhorses. They’ve got all the power you need to play the latest high definition games such as GTA 5 and the upcoming summer release of Batman Arkham Knight (can’t wait to play this one!!).


Read more about the MSI Prestige gaming laptops here.

Acer Attacks Gaming Market With Predator Series Laptops

Acer Attacks Gaming Market With Predator Series Laptops

Acer announced that they are manufacturing a new line of products all geared to PC gaming. This is their first real attempt to get into the gaming market. Their CEO recently discussed this new marketing effort, but

Unfortunately, there aren’t many details yet about any of the products, other than the Z35. They were all mock-ups of the finalized design, but Acer will reveal more detailed specs and pricing during Computex later this year. (And yes, you can bet that we’ll be there.)

Even without finalized details, Acer’s Predator series is a show of force. With a wide variety of gaming products, Acer is trying to grab a large gaming audience, from the casual gamer who plays during their work commute to the hardcore gamer who plays for hours on end at home. Read more at the link below about the Predator Series:

Acer Attacks Gaming Market With Predator SeriesRead More…

And then check out the video below for the official presentation of this new line of Acer laptops:

Jason Chen is showing their new high end gaming laptops on the [email protected] event in New York. Both notebooks are equiped with upcoming Intel Broadwell Quadcore CPUs and latest Nvidia Graphics Card …

Official presentation of the new Acer Predator 15 and 17-inch Gaming Laptops





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